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Wits Paediatric Fund

Raising funds in order to improve the quality of healthcare for the neonatal and paediatric units at Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital, Rahima Moosa Mother & Child hospital, and Charlotte AMxeke Johannesburg Academic hospital. Read More...

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Name Message Date Amount
Katherine Eyal 26-Sep-2017 500.00
Angela Spencer 04-Oct-2017 300.00
Muhammad Garda & Meni Shani May you continue to be a catalyst for miracles 16-Oct-2017 11,140.00
Margot You can doooo eeeeeet 22-Oct-2017 500.00
Judy Rothberg The work you do every day is the challenge - this little cycle will be a breeze! Enjoy it! 22-Oct-2017 1,000.00
Frances Aron with love Fran 26-Oct-2017 350.00
Jacqui Bezuidenhout Go Jen go!! No face planting - you’ve got this!! 29-Oct-2017 350.00
Clover You're fabulous!s 06-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Dr Daniel Shmukler Great cause...good luck for race day! 06-Nov-2017 1,800.00
Carolyn Fair Fantastic cause. Good luck. Carolyn 06-Nov-2017 1,000.00
vic davies Go for it jen! 06-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Yasmin Mayat Well done just for signing up 👌🏼 And for such a brilliant cause ❤️ 06-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Judy I believe in you. I’ve seen you spinning and you haven’t fallen off the bike once. Hey thanks for giving a talk for me - you’re raising money for your cause AND educating the masses! Thank YOU! 06-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Marisa Good people passionate about their cause deserve any support we can give 06-Nov-2017 500.00
Fiona Graham Thank you Jen for your willingness to make yourself vulnerable by taking on this public challenge. With your courage and generous intent you will succeed. 07-Nov-2017 300.00
Glenda Moonsamy If you can dream it, you can do it - Walt Disney. All the best Jen!! 07-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Michelle Koch Keep pedalling! I will be cheering for you! 07-Nov-2017 500.00
Natalie Burger Well done! You going to rock this! 07-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Natasha Padayachee-Govender All the Best, Dr Geel 07-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Mehnaaz Aboo 07-Nov-2017 500.00
Glenmarie de wet Good luck! I 08-Nov-2017 500.00
Gloria Ash Carry on the good work 08-Nov-2017 100.00
NIcole You are awesome! Good luck! 10-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Cheryl Good luck! 10-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Debbie White Good luck Jen, you can do it! 11-Nov-2017 500.00
Daynia Ballot Good luck Jen 11-Nov-2017 500.00
Carice Wishing you a wonderful race ! 11-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Dalubuhle Ndiweni For such a noble cause Good luck. 11-Nov-2017 1,000.00
BIANCE ROWE Good luck for the race! We need all the support for this cause! 11-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Brigid Ryan Go Mouse! You are crazy and also AWESOME! 11-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Kemi Ayodele We got your back. 11-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Becky Anastassopoulos 4 years ago today Dimitri started his first round of chemo. We thank God everyday for the amazing team of doctors who are passionate about saving children. Your dedication means so much - you’ve got this!!!! 11-Nov-2017 4,000.00
Gary Reubenson 11-Nov-2017 750.00
Corinne 12-Nov-2017 300.00
Sarah Batchelor Have a fabulous ride! Hope you reach your target x 12-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Rochelle Keep pedaling for our warriors xxx 12-Nov-2017 100.00
Wandile Kganane You go girl 12-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Andrew Grieve Keep it up!! 12-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Tim Wigham All the very best Jen 13-Nov-2017 500.00
Elizabeth Wishing you a wonderful start to a successful project. Thanks for taking this on Jennifer! 13-Nov-2017 750.00
Paul Adams Go Jen Go! 13-Nov-2017 510.00
Caroline Rowett Good luck. You will have a sore butt but it will be worth it! 13-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Michael Nurok & Amy Farber 13-Nov-2017 2,000.00
Cecil Levy Go JG!! 13-Nov-2017 500.00
Nadia Beringer Good luck Jennifer! :-) 13-Nov-2017 500.00
Phillipa Penfold 14-Nov-2017 500.00
Gail Go girl! I have lots of confidence in you! 14-Nov-2017 360.00
Rebecca Simpson You can do it! You amazing! 14-Nov-2017 350.00
Michelle Cloete You can do it! 14-Nov-2017 400.00
Ané Büchner Best of luck for the race! You are AWESOME!!!! 14-Nov-2017 500.00
Ashraf Coovadia 14-Nov-2017 500.00
Rendani Mamathuba Good luck Jennifer, great cause 14-Nov-2017 1,500.00
Kim Barnard Good luck. 😊 14-Nov-2017 200.00
Moe lorgat All the best good friend 14-Nov-2017 2,500.00
Tanusha Team Jennifer 💕 14-Nov-2017 200.00
Gill Sorour 15-Nov-2017 500.00
Layla Jeevanantham, Dilshaad and Agie, Thelma Saman Go save some lives! 15-Nov-2017 1,100.00
Trish Good luck and keep going. So inspirational always 15-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Nasty Ride well and keep up the good work 16-Nov-2017 30,000.00
Yazeed Great work Jennifer 16-Nov-2017 947.00
Andrew Geel 16-Nov-2017 947.00
Bhavisha Nagar Good Luck! 16-Nov-2017 800.00
MARCELLE PALMER Way to go Jen! I have all the faith that you'll reach your target and nail that race! Mwah! 16-Nov-2017 200.00
Thuli Khumalo :) 16-Nov-2017 947.00
Shannon Leahy All the best for the race! 16-Nov-2017 500.00
Alan Martin Dont push, spin. 16-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Tamara Hope it goes really well. You rock. 16-Nov-2017 500.00
Sabrina Wehde Go for it Jennifer !! Well done, we're proud of you !! 16-Nov-2017 500.00
Anees Good luck Dr. Yellow 16-Nov-2017 500.00
Sihle Sibiya 16-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Grace Okudo Have an awesome ride Jen☺️ 16-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Chris Good luck girl...keep on keeping on....what an inspiration 16-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Heather Thomson Good Luck! 16-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Sanushka All the best Jen! 16-Nov-2017 500.00
Nicola Proud of you cousin Mouse 16-Nov-2017 2,500.00
Prinitha Pillay You got this👊🏽 17-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Sithembiso Velaphi 17-Nov-2017 500.00
Sarah Berkenfeld What an amazing goal!! Enjoy 17-Nov-2017 1,800.00
Joram Nyandat May the wind be at your back! 17-Nov-2017 200.00
Kim Dawes Good luck! 17-Nov-2017 100.00
The Willcoxes This donation is from all the money we've saved replacing wheat with chia seeds, oats and green tea! 17-Nov-2017 500.00
Gita Naidu Good luck 17-Nov-2017 1,000.00
Firoza Motara All the best 17-Nov-2017 500.00
Fiona and Hans Great job, Jen. Now get your ass in the saddle! 17-Nov-2017 947.00
Robin Saggers Good luck! Keep going for the kids! 19-Nov-2017 500.00
CH Thank you for the incredible work that you're doing xxxx 19-Nov-2017 1,500.00
Monica M Well done for the cycle. Keep up the good work and keep on caring no matter what. 20-Nov-2017 500.00
Catriona Byrne Well done Jen! Very worthy cause. 20-Nov-2017 1,500.00
Teacher Heidrun and Teacher Buti 24-Nov-2017 400.00
Rema Mathew You did good! Thank you for all you do and inspire. 25-Nov-2017 1,000.00
    Total 113,648.00
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