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The Goedgedacht Trust runs the Path Out of Poverty (POP) rural-community development programme from Goedgedacht Olive Farm in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, helping impoverished children break free from the damaging cycles of poverty that have trapped their families for generations. We stick with our children from newborn until theyre self-sufficient young adults. Our 3 golden keys are Education, Health and Personal Development. The first part of our 2 prong strategy is to keep the present children who are on the POP financed, and this we do through sponsorships. The second part of the strategy is to plant olive trees on the farm from donations. Each olive tree planted puts one more rural child onto the Path out of Poverty programme to a brighter and greener future! Read More...

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My Sponsors

Name Message Date Amount
Dave Barnby 08-Sep-2016 1,500.00
Melanie Every little helps ! 21-Sep-2016 300.00
Gavin & Donna Westley Just Keep Going 22-Sep-2016 1,500.00
Michael S Shapiro Go Team Hobart! Vasbyt en Hardloop Vinnig! From the O'Shapiro's! 23-Sep-2016 500.00
Val McDonald Great team, great charities! Will be following your progress from the Green Rock :) 26-Sep-2016 400.00
Albert van Deursen Veel succes met deze charity fietstocht ! In gedachten spring ik bij David op de bagagedrager and will enjoy the ride ! :) 27-Sep-2016 300.00
John & Marie Ryan Best of luck to all the team! 30-Sep-2016 1,600.00
The Cork Road Clinic Good luck Team Hobart 04-Oct-2016 800.00
gareth stephens All the very best, I'm sure you will all make it.... 17-Oct-2016 350.00
Steven Shine Best of luck to Team Hobart! From all at Forefront Construction Group. 18-Oct-2016 1,500.00
Gordon Pound Good luck to all! 19-Oct-2016 1,500.00
Liz O\'Flynn Best of luck 27-Oct-2016 305.00
Luresa Resinas, S.L. 28-Oct-2016 1,500.00
Matthew Gaskell Good luck Team Hobart. I will be with you in spirit ;-) 31-Oct-2016 340.00
Malie Zauber Go Team Hobart! Well done doing it for such a great cause. 31-Oct-2016 500.00
David Jordan Good Luck Guys. I will try and get fit enough to join you next year. :) 02-Nov-2016 1,500.00
Crighton Glad to help you get to 15K. Good luck and well done. 04-Nov-2016 305.00
Val McDonald Donations received in AV Pound & Co Mallow office at the Katies Chocolate Launch Party held on Friday 14 October 2016 – with thanks to: Gillian Sherwood, Anita Coghlan, Bourke family, McCarthy family, Donna Westley, Willy Fitzgerald, Donal & Sheila Gayer, Jola Gockel, Helen OSullivan, Katie McCormick, Stephanie Murphy, Jade & Jo Nagel, Tara Obrien and anonymous donors. 04-Nov-2016 3,650.00
Val McDonald Donations received by Liam Fitzgerald – with thanks to: Emma Collins, Mick OShea, Nicola Twomey, Amy Houlihan, Sharon Doyle, John Obrien, Mary Ita Murphy, Jason Burke, Diane Donegan, Billy Sheahan, Mick Casey, Tim Fitzgerald, John Fitzgerald, Judith Fitzgerald, Willie and Deirdre Fitzgerald 04-Nov-2016 4,275.00
Val McDonald Gordon and Diane Cowpar held a coffee morning for this fundraiser - WOW!!! Thank you both so much, and of course a heartfelt thanks to all your family and friends who supported this event. 04-Nov-2016 19,050.00
Liz Forder Go Team Hobart! 07-Nov-2016 500.00
Carlos Ramalho RY Go Team Hobart! 09-Nov-2016 1,500.00
Risk Solutions ( John and Sue Russo ) Go Team Hobart ! With you all the way . Enjoy and well done ! 10-Nov-2016 3,000.00
Mel\'s dad 12-Nov-2016 1,500.00
DARRAGH OCONNOR Best wishes on the trip, Mel. 14-Nov-2016 315.00
Celeste Allan Best of luck to everyone in the team! 15-Nov-2016 775.00
Jim Culloty Best wishes to all the team cycling in the 94.7 Challenge 2016! 15-Nov-2016 825.00
AVP Coffee Morning 05.11.16 A heartfelt thank you to all those who supported our coffee morning at the AV Pound office in Mallow - the generosity has been amazing 15-Nov-2016 9,980.00
Katrina watson Good luck and just don't stop peddling 15-Nov-2016 300.00
James O\'Leary Congrats in advance for a great cause and fantastic achievement. Go hard or Go home. 15-Nov-2016 1,500.00
Liam Fitzgerald Sponsors A huge thanks to Liam Fitzgeralds sponsors : Ana Farinha,, Willie Scanlon, Marie Condon, Cathal Hurley, Noreen Cashman, Jerry OConnor, Mary Attridge, John Lynch, Edmund OSullivan, Tommy OKeeffe, Patrick Buckley, JR Cronin on their generous donations 15-Nov-2016 3,465.00
Begonia Hammond Wishing all the Hobart Team a safe, fun and enjoying challenge. 15-Nov-2016 350.00
Gloria Ford Mark - I'm donating to you not for cycling but for putting up with all my rubbish through 2016!!! You are a great friend. 16-Nov-2016 250.00
Keith Nilsson Good luck to the Hobart Team 16-Nov-2016 200.00
Hilary Glass Good luck to Mark and the Team! 16-Nov-2016 100.00
HR Capital Good luck to the Hobart Team ! 16-Nov-2016 400.00
David Tullis Go Team Hobart 16-Nov-2016 1,500.00
Bonnie May the wind be at your backs! 16-Nov-2016 200.00
Harry O Sullivan Best of luck to all the Hobart team on their cycling challenge 16-Nov-2016 1,500.00
Tamzen Pound Good luck to the team! 17-Nov-2016 350.00
Lawrence Green Good luck and Great Riding! 17-Nov-2016 1,000.00
LI LI 18-Nov-2016 50.00
Sarah Mammeri Best of luck to all! 18-Nov-2016 500.00
Jane Murphy Good luck Mel x 18-Nov-2016 500.00
Francis and Sally Pound Well done all of you! 21-Nov-2016 500.00
Gordon Pound 05-Dec-2016 3,500.00
James 11-Jan-2017 2,900.00
Michael Crowley Sponsors Sincere thanks to Michael Crowleys family and friends for their kind donations: Tara OLeary, Aileen Crowley, Dolores Cherry, Pat Cherry, Bride Crowley, Eamonn Murphy, John Mullane, Greg Ramsbottom, Richard Tracey, Paul OLeary, Robert Kelleher 24-Jan-2017 1,525.00
    Total 80,960.00
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