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Doit4Charity makes it easy for you to make this world a better place ... by gathering close to 500 worthy registered charities together in one convenient place, and offering you safe ways to contribute by credit card or EFT/direct deposit.

You can either make a straight-forward donation to the charity of your choice, or support one of our fundraisers. Either way, your gift goes direct to the charity, less a small processing fee to cover bank and admin charges.

Most of the people who donate through our site give amounts of R100, R100 or R500 – proving that you don't have to be wealthy to make a huge difference! Your donation – when added together with those of other supporters – have already added up to almost R4.5 million distributed to charities on this site.

Search for a charity by category: animal welfare, cancer/hospice charities, care of the aged, children's homes and charities, community development, disabled, disaster relief, educational institutions, environment, feeding schemes, HIV/AIDS projects, medical diseases, hospitals, religious, search & rescue and sports & culture – or browse alphabetically to find the cause which is closest to your heart.

Go ahead ... make a difference!