Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I'm trying to set up a page and I can't get past Step 2 - Why do I keep getting bounced back to Step 1?

Mostly likely you are using an old version of Internet Explorer. Please update your browser or use Firefox or Chrome instead (both may be downloaded free of charge at http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/fx/ andhttps://www.google.com/intl/en_uk/chrome/browser/features.html respectively).

Q2: I can't login to my page

Login issues occasionally occur if you have previously used Doit4Charity and are using the same email address on a new page. Please contact us at info@doit4charity.co.za to request the removal of your old page.

Q3: Why can't I upload a photo to my page?

Our system supports images in jpg, png or gif formats. If you are having difficulty uploading a photograph, the problem could be that the image is too large. Images should not be larger than 800px wide/1 MB. Crop unnecessary backgrounds, reduce the pixel width or save it in low res - 72 dpi is fine for the web.

Are you using an old version of Internet Explorer? Please update your browser as per instructions above.

Another reason your picture won't load is spaces in the name, e.g. At Kilimanjaro Summit.jpg. Change the name to: summit.jpg or KilimanjaroSummit.jpg or At_Kilimanjaro_Summit.jpg

Q4: My friends don't have credit cards – is there any other way they can sponsor me?

We accept direct deposit into our account via Internet Banking or EFT. Sponsors chosing this option should complete the sponsor form in order to add their details to your list of sponsors. Our bank account details are displayed

Q5: My friends have sponsored me but their payment/message isn't displaying on my page.

If the payment was made by EFT, it may take up to 3 days to display owing to the delay in payments from other banks being reflected in our account. Please email info@doit4charity.co.za should you need to track or verify a payment.

Q6: Can friends overseas support me on Doit4Charity?

Absolutely! Any Visa or Mastercard can be used. All payments are processed in South African Rands, so it's good to add some wording to your blog explaining (for example) that R250 is equivalent to £11, €14 or USD$16.

Q7: Help - no one is supporting me!

It's important to get the word out to everyone you know, and ask for support. Tell everyone at work what you are doing, email your friends, put your details on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and other networking sites. Update your fundraising blog regularly and look at pages of successful fundraisers for ideas of how to make your page work for you.

Q8: Can you let me have a Tax Certificate for my donation?

Since the money is passed onto the charity, you will need to approach them in order to get your Tax Certificate.

Q9: Can I upload additional photos to my page?

An image gallery is provided for you to store additional photographs of yourself, your event and your charity.