The easy, risk free way to raise funds

Doit4Charity takes the burden of raising funds for your charity off your shoulders – by making it possible for anyone and everyone to do the fundraising for you!

And because it costs nothing to register your charity on our site, or to become a fundraiser, there's absolutely no risk. Only if funds are raised on your behalf do we deduct a small processing fee to cover bank and other costs.

You can check our site any time you want to to see if anyone is raising funds for you and how much they have raised. And you can login to see how much will be paid to you each month. No special software necessary.

Amost R4.5 million already distributed
Be one of 206 South African charities which have successfully raised funds through Doit4Charity.

Many of these charities are grassroots organisations without the budget to launch their own fundraising campaigns or set up sophisticated online credit card processing systems. You can even link our donate facility to your website for the convenience of your donors.

Admin costs are kept to the absolute minimum, in order to ensure that the bulk of all money raised through the site goes to where it's intended – nonprofit organisations like yours.

Our 10% handling fee includes all bank charges for processing credit card payments, as well as admin and hosting costs.

Our financial statements are drawn up by an independent accounting officer for your complete peace of mind.

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